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YMCA Ambassadors

We asked our YMCA Ambassadors to answers questions on what it is like to be an ambassador for us.

James why did you choose to become an Ambassador for YMCA Bedfordshire?

I think my main reason was because the aim of YMCA Bedfordshire, is to help people who really haven’t had much opportunity in life. If you give people a chance it“s amazing what can be achieved. I became involved because I want to be able to do my bit to make that happen, especially having come from a background, where a lot of kids didn’t get much chance.

What does being an Ambassador mean for you?

I believe the role is to promote the great things the charity does and by doing so hopefully help with raising funds to maintain and grow the various projects the charity is involved with.

What has been you most memorable moment so far?

The charity ball put together last summer was great, some of the children involved with the charity performed a dance at the beginning and we managed to get together lots of people who will hopefully support us moving forward.

What would your dream for YMCA Bedfordshire be?

That the projects being worked on, spread across the county. There should be ventures like The 1844 Coffee Company, dotted all over the county and the work done by ‘F4YP’, needs to go into as many schools as possible. 

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