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Weaver House

Weaver House, our first ever accommodation scheme was opened by the Duchess of Kent on 23rd May 1991. It houses people aged 30-64, has 29 bedrooms. Weaver accommodates those who may have found themselves homeless or entrenched in chaotic lifestyles for longer periods of time.

 As part of the advice and guidance given, residents are often signposted to external agencies that can help with specific areas of support such as those around addiction, debt or employment skills.

For many who have been caught in cycles of chaotic choices for long periods, it can be daunting and challenging, to break these and form new patterns. Encouraging patience, acceptance, tolerance and developing aspirations,is an important part of the journey.  Read about one of our Support Coordinator“s thoughts on working at YMCA Bedfordshire here.

£5 will provide essential toiletries for a new resident moving in
£10 will provide transportation costs to allow a resident to attend an assessment, job interview or visit a family member.
£50 pays for the weekly staff and residents brunch club

To contribute to any of the above costs please visit our donate page.

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