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Supported Lodgings

Supported Lodgings offers a bedroom with households in the community, to young people aged 16-25. Hosts also give non-intrusive support which aims to equip young people with the skills they need to move on to living independently in their own accommodation.

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YMCA Bedfordshire believes that, in a world of adversity and challenge, family is extremely important.

Families today often look a lot different to even just a few generations ago; they can come in all sorts of shapes and forms; but the good ones all have common characteristics; they are a safe harbour in the storm, show love in the face of difficulty and welcome in the lonely. Healthy families are kind and unifying; they live by example and are quick to forgive.

We have noticed that care leavers and vulnerable young people today, can find themselves lonely, in poor housing situations and struggling with education or employment. They often face a challenging transition into adult life. We want to put an end to this downward spiral and create sustainable solutions.

So, we work with vulnerable young people, who have lacked a supportive family environment, to enable them to become independent adults who contribute to society and thrive in their surroundings. If we can place young people into a family (which can be as small as just 2 people doing life together!) we can offer them a hope that could transform their outlook on life and give them the support they greatly need.

Supported Lodgings is for young people who are in or working towards education, training or employment; who want a safe, homely environment to concentrate on achieving their potential and becoming successful contributors to the Bedford community.

Both hosts and clients of the scheme go through a range of assessments which help not only to identify areas of support but also contribute to the process of making suitable matches. Hosts receive training and ongoing support from YMCA Bedfordshire staff as well as £480 a month whilst a young person lives with them. Placements can last from a few months up to a couple of years depending on circumstances and host availability.

Hosts can be

  • In full time or part time employment.
  • Retired
  • Rental or home owners
  • Individuals, couples or families
  • Age 21+
If you are think you might be interested in knowing more about becoming a Host we would love to hear from you.

Please email supportedlodgings@ymcabedfordshire to arrange an informal chat 

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