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Helping Make Christmas Merry Again.

Can you imagine spending Christmas worrying about your partners mood and if they will fly off the handle and hit you again? Can you imagine your children being fearful about the slightest thing when they should be happily enjoying all that Christmas has to offer. Can you imagine longing for Christmas to end because it's never a merry time of the year?



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  • Helping Make Christmas Merry Again.

    Please help us raise £1,000 to make new Christmas memories. You can donate HERE


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  • Helping Make Christmas Merry Again.

    Helping Make Christmas Merry Again.

    Please help us raise £1,000 to make new Christmas memories. You can donate HERE

    Christmas can often be a time of fear and worry for those in abusing relationship and so its really important to us here at YMCA Bedfordshire that the 22 women and children who live at our two women“s refuges start their healing process by having their best Christmas to date.

    Last Christmas is a blur. Just as the previous two years had been with every day filled with the dread of what I had done wrong & how I make everything a nightmare for everyone. Christmas just meant more dread & walking on egg shells whilst having to keep up appearances with visits to family. My only wish was that everything would stop but I didn’t know what to do to make it stop. In June I left with my children & we started our new lives. Last week I got fairy lights to bring some Christmas in to our home, which my son now calls my real home. We draped them over the only picture we have hanging on the wall & turned off all the lights. We sat watching them in silence until we all started to giggle at the moment. It was then I realised I can be safe, happy & feel again” S

     Making sure that Christmas is merry is just one of our priorities, through all our services YMCA Bedfordshire are able to provide a safe haven, a caring and listening ear and also all the solid support and help that  the women and their children need to move forward into a brighter and safer future. 

    Many women arrive with nothing other than the fear of their lives being taken away and that their children will get hurt emotionally or physically. The worries that they have to overcome are endless, placing them in a safe new home far away from their abuser is only part of the journey they face. We know the importance of creating happy new memories is vital and so a team we just want to make this Christmas special for all of them because they deserve it.



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