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October the 10th is World Mental Heath Day and we at YMCA Bedfordshire are taking part in a massive YMCA project called #WholeHour which encourages everyone take an hour out of their lives from 12-1pm to think about their own mental health.



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  • #WholeHour


    Mental health is a massive subject and for many its a huge taboo. #Wholehour seeks to get everyone thinking about the issue by offering opportunity in the middle of a working day to get some me time. 

    The hour can be used for meditation, reading a book, getting a head massage, a facial or a haircut, grab a coffee with a friend …. Whatever helps you relax and ask yourself:  How am I doing? 

    Said Paul “PK” Kellett Marketing and Fundraising Officer:  "As a charity we are giving all our staff the opportunity to be involved in #WholeHour and really want to get the word out so other companies, schools and groups do the same. 

    "I myself was diagnosed with depression four years ago and it’s had a huge impact on my life but thanks to a great doctor, amazing friends and a great family who helped me not feel ashamed to talk about things, I’m doing ok.

    "One of our Luton residents made a compelling film about her mental health struggles which can be viewed  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxFGHBKjqXs 

    IAMWHOLE is anti-stigma mental health campaign was launched in England & Wales on World Mental Health Day 2016. It was developed because it is believed that this issue is the biggest health concern of a generation. Mental health difficulties are costing young people their relationships, education, employment prospects, and without action, their lives.

    ·         10-20% of children and young people worldwide experience a mental health difficulty.

    ·         1 in 2 of all cases of mental health difficulties begin by the age of 14.

    ·         220,000 children and young people worldwide took their own lives last year.

    ·         Despite the significant numbers affected and increased public awareness, there is still a stigma surrounding mental health difficulties.

    What does the #IAMWHOLE campaign aim to do?

    The #IAMWHOLE campaign aims to tackle mental health stigma and encourage young people to speak out, seek help and get support.  The campaign seeks to tackle stigma in three key ways:

    ·         Talking - Starting conversation with young people about mental health

    ·         Educating - Educating young people about mental health

    ·         Sharing - Encouraging young people to share their experiences of mental health difficulties

    What has the #IAMWHOLE campaign done so far?

    During the last two years, the #IAMWHOLE campaign has developed a range of content and resources aimed at tackling mental health stigma, including:

    ·         Campaign Videos - Created campaign videos setting out the key campaign messages and calls to action which have been viewed by nearly 600,000 people

    ·         Music - Recorded two songs and music videos with well-known musicians on the issue of mental health which have been viewed more than half a million times

    ·         Youth-Led Video Content - Produced a range of engaging video content with young people sharing their experiences of mental health difficulties and stigma

    ·         Social Media Activation - Encourage people to draw the campaign circle on their hand, take a picture and share this on social media using the #IAMWHOLE hashtag on World Mental Health Day achieving 96 million impressions on Twitter and seven million on Instagram

    ·         Celebrity Involvement - Engaged high-profile celebrities from the world of TV, music and sport to help reach a wider audience, including Ed Sheeran and James Corden

    ·         Resources - Developed a range of resources to help start conversations about mental health difficulties with young people, including a short story book, parent/carer guide and school pack


    Case Studies

    We believe everyone has a journey of inspiration. Here’s a few of those stories