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YMCA Bedfordshire Out In Force At National Conference

Reads Samantha's, our new HR Manager's account of her first trip to YMCA National Conference.



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  • YMCA Bedfordshire Out In Force At National Conference

    YMCA Bedfordshire Out In Force At National Conference

    Friday 14th July saw the start of the YMCA National Conference and along with four other colleagues I was very proud to represent YMCA Bedfordshire. We joined with 193 colleagues from across 50 YMCA’s from England and Wales all keen to listen, learn, network and debate.

    The sessions were fantastic, with the speakers being both open and authentic in their delivery, each session highlighting both the heritage and faith of the YMCA.

    It was a great networking opportunity and we really felt we were able to learn about everyone’s shared values, just some of them being inclusiveness, equality, diversity and respect.

    Becky, our Business Operations Manager, and I were very please to find out we have a tribe - the food tribe !  But then somewhat disappointed to learn that it just isn’t “cool” to be cool anymore.

    The evening was concluded with an enlightening after dinner speech from Alistair Campbell.

    An early start on Saturday morning and once again the day was full of inspiring presentations and workshops exploring the key topics facing each YMCA.

    It was a fantastic opportunity to attend the conference, and we hope to be able to represent YMCA Beds in many more events , even those worldwide !

    We are very enthusiastic to be moving forward together, as a whole association, in the right direction.  


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