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One of our core characteristics is empowering. As an organisation this is about us fostering trust through communication and understanding, encouraging creativity and initiative, running supportive yet challenging services

Hi, I’m Paul and I’m YMCA Bedfordshire’s Marketing and Funding Officer. I love my job; it’s so varied and diverse. I love that one moment I’m writing a funding bid, the next I’m working on some aspect of our corporate visual identity. Then I’m rounding the day off by sending out a tweet or two on our social media platforms. But the best thing of all is that I get to come to work and play a huge part in helping shape what it means to live in an empowering culture within the YMCA Bedfordshire family.  

 For me, a Facebook status update is a way of shouting to the world about who we are and what we do. A tweet offers the chance to honour someone’s life change or celebrate a team’s success. Creating a leaflet or poster is about showcasing a service that colleagues are passionate about and committed to. Writing a funding bid offers funders the opportunity to invest and be part of our  journey. Constructing a case study for the website or a press release is a blank piece of paper to be filled with stories of battles won, or to ask for help on those yet to be fought. An email is a life line to those whose work is more remote or isolated. Creating an event is about celebrating the journey thus far. 

This role may not be at the coal face offering direct support to our clients. However I feel that by playing my unique part and creating a good culture around me I’m empowering colleagues to play their unique parts in helping residents and clients overcome, find safety and take positive steps forward towards a new and thriving life.

When people feel honoured and valued, they become empowered. An empowered team is an unstoppable group of people can change the world around them!

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