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Online Giving

Online giving

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe! They'll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they'll send your money directly to YMCA Bedfordshire and ensure that  Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer. It's the most efficient way to make a single donation - raise more, whilst saving time and cutting costs for the charity.


Give by Text

Give by Text

You can now donate to YMCA Bedfordshire via text message! You can choose to give to one specific area or simply to wherever your donation is needed most.

Just text the relevant code from the list below with your choice of a donation of either £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070. You will then receive a text message confirming your donation and the option to add Gift Aid which will make your donation go even further.

It is a quick and easy way to donate, for example, to donate £5, simply text YMCA08 £5 to 70070 and we will automatically receive 100% of your donation. (Don't forget to add a space between the code and the £ symbol)

Your donation amount will be deducted from your phone credit or show up on your monthly phone bill with no additional charge for the text message.

How Does your support help us?

If you choose to support our work how will your donation help?

  • £5 will provide a rucksack of toiletries for a new resident moving into one of our 7 accommodation projects.
  • £10 will provide specific resources for our weekly Skills4 activities aimed at giving residents the core skills they require for successful independent living such as budgeting and cooking.
  • £25 will provide a starter pack of items such as a kettle, toaster and bedding for someone when they move in.
  • £50 pays for the weekly staff and residents brunch club at one of our accommodation projects. Brunch Club allows staff to support residents to mingle, grow in confidence and build community. This is especially vital for those having faced trauma or struggling with a mental health issue.
  • £100+ Room Sponsorship – a donor is able to sponsor an individual residents transition towards independent living.

Our F4YP afterschool and holiday activities alone require us to secure over £120,000 per academic year to provide ongoing support to disadvantaged children and young people. Check out the work of F4YP HERE

Legacy Giving  - The gift of a Lifetime

Have you considered including a charitable gift in your will?
As the largest single source of income to UK charities, legacies make a vital difference to good causes across the country. A legacy allows you to make your mark on the world by providing for a good cause that is close to your heart. Free of inheritance tax, a donation made in your will can also help reduce the tax burden on your estate.
A charitable legacy could be a gift of money or of any other assets that you leave behind. While there are a number of options to consider, there are two main types of charitable legacies; pecuniary and residuary. Pecuniary legacies specify a sum of money or item of value to be donated, whilst a residuary legacy allows you to donate a percentage of the net value of your estate or the remaining sum after you have provided for family and friends.
What do you need to do?
To leave a legacy to YMCA Bedfordshire charity number 801035, simply include details of the donation in your will. This can be done by writing a will, by making an amendment or 'codicil' to an existing will or by setting up a Trust. Your solicitor or professional adviser will be able to tell you more.

Payroll Giving

Through Payroll Giving, you can provide a regular, reliable income stream that allows us to budget, while benefiting you with generous tax relief.
How does it work?
Give to YMCA Bedfordshire from your pay and you can get immediate tax relief of up to £4.50 for every £10 donated. The donations are taken from your gross salary, reducing the amount of income tax that is deducted from your salary.
To donate £10, you 
  • £8 if you“re a lower/basic rate tax payer (tax rate 20%)
  • £6 if you“re a higher rate taxpayer (tax rate 40%)
  • £5.50 if you“re an additional tax payer (tax rate 45%)

source https://www.gov.uk/doanting-to-charity/doanting-straight-from-your-wages-or-pension 

What do you need to do?
All you need to do is ask your payroll department to deduct regular charitable donations from your salary by filling out a simple application form, stating how much you would like to give to YMCA Bedfordshire charity number 801035. Your donations will show on your payslip.
If your employer does not already have a Payroll Giving scheme in place, don't worry - it's quick and easy to set up. Employers simply sign a contract with a Payroll Giving Agency who will transmit donations on their behalf.
For more information visit the Payroll Giving Centre.

Sponsor a Room

What is sponsoring a room all about?
In signing up to be a Room Sponsor you are generously agreeing to sponsor the room of a young person and you will be assisting in helping a young person turn their life around.
As a Room Sponsor you will receive updates three times per year from the staff about the young person whose life you are helping to change.

Who can become Room Sponsor?
We are looking for individuals and companies to sponsor rooms.If you want your assistance to be recognised we will be happy to give you a mention and include a logo with a link on our website.

If you would like to discuss it further and find out about costs etc, please get in touch via email 

Gift Aid —  Make your donation go 25% further

How does it work?
So long as you are a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid enables you to boost the value of your donations by as much as 25p for every £1 you give to your favourite charity. So, for example, if you decide to give £10 to YMCA Bedfordshire, we will be able to claim an extra £2.50 from HM Revenue & Customs. It might not sound like a lot, but every penny really does count! What is more, if you are a higher rate taxpayer, you are entitled to claim tax relief on your donations, enabling you to reclaim as much as 20p from every £1 donated to charity.
What do you need to do?
To donate through Gift Aid, all you need to do is complete a simple declaration confirming that you are a taxpayer and that you are happy for us to claim tax relief on your donation. Just one declaration can apply to all donations that you have made to us over the past 4 years and to any forthcoming gifts you make, until you notify them otherwise. It is that simple.